Puerto Vallarta is a study of contrasts - always intriguing and endlessly colorful. A beach resort of the highest order to be sure with the population changing daily - yet this charming city is home to more than 5,000 expatriates who came to visit, fell in love, and stayed. And stayed. The Mexican people and the "Vallartenses" in particular are intensely private and extraordinarily open, friendly and caring to all. Very Catholic and - the dichotomy - extremely tolerant of those with different lifestyles.

Puerto Vallarta's heart and soul revolves solely around one objective - her tourists. Most families in the city have at least one member involved with tourism and, because there is no other industry, the Vallartenses embrace their visitors as warmly as sunshine.

Puerto Vallarta - a city where handmade adobe-brick houses bump up against million dollar homes and where restaurants serving haute cuisine peacefully coexist with taco stands. A city leaping into the future but ever vigilant to preserve and honor history and tradition.

Puerto Vallarta is a haven for weary vacationers who want nothing more than a good book, a tan and icy cold beers delivered poolside at regular intervals by an adept probably bilingual waiter. For those who choose not to sit still many, many bars and nightclubs close when everybody decides to go home.

Oh yes…and the weather is perfect, too!

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About Puerto Vallarta

About Vallarta
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